"We commit ourselves to social projects to raise the awareness for renewable energies, for example through education on energy topics. The best way to do reach people is in their early education."

Research on future technologies


Project Batt3D: Batteries for the next Generation

In this joint project enfas is researching on innovative electrode structures and solid state batteries together with project partners Alantum Europe GmbH, Smart Battery Solutions GmbH, University of Osnabrück, Sema Company for Innovation mbH, Jahnke GmbH, VARTA Microbattery GmbH and the Fraunhofer Institutes in order  to meet the requirements of next-generation batteries.  The requirements for these batteries are:

  • Significantly higher energy densities on a minimum of space
  • Highest level of intrinsic security
  • High reliability  over the entire lifetime
  • Long-term profitability in terms of costs
  • Performance increase
  • Maximum compatibility and flexibility in fitting due to innovative design


Project IDES: enfas is researching on innovative, intelligent und decentralized energy storage systems

Sponsored by the Bavarian State Ministry for Economics and Media, Energy and Technology enfas is taking a further step in the research on energy storage solutions. Apart from the already existing research on capacitive solid state cells the research on intelligent, decentralized energy storage systems within the framework of a new promotion through the Ministry of Economics has started. The objective is the efficient and optimal usage of renewable energies within decentralized storage solutions. Research activities are:

  • Hot-Swap-capability
  • Maximum compatibility with existing systems
  • Customer-friendly and easy handling
  • Maximum flexibility and modularity
  • Minimization of maintenance costs
  • Complete passive cooling of the whole system
  • Extreme compact design
  • IP 67 on protection against dust and splashing water
  • Distributed Installation


ECES Project: enfas researches on capacitive solid state cells

In this research project, enfas develops Composit Condensators (SSC) and innovative CMS (Capacity Management Systems) for capacitive SSBs (Solid State Batteries). Die core requirements are:

  • Operating temperature up to 120 degrees
  • Nearly unlimited lifespan
  • Production of condensators for voltages of up to several MV
  • Storage design to be individualised if required
  • Favourable industrial production through to state-of-the-art manufacturing methods

Getting committed through education


The "enfin project": funding programme for innovation and sustainability

Right from the start, enfas was convinced: it is our goal to to raise the children´s awareness for environment, sustainability and innovation even in the early years. We want to demonstrate our children how to respect Mother Earth and how to allay fears of contact for research and anything new.
Our motto: Having fun on developing and researching, which enfas realises with the enfin-funding programme co-initiated with the Department for Education and Sports of the City of Munich. Schools may apply for the programme and receive funds and practical insights in return. The Werner-Siemens-Realschule in Munich, for instance, made use of the programme and received electric motor construction kits for the whole class. The cooperation additionally includes the component of training. enfas, therefore, takes part in job information fairs and offers internships for pupils and students.