Research & Development

"Our development work combines two major benefits of storing energy. It is eco-friendly and cost-efficient at the same time. Moreover, it is our long-term goal to strengthen people´s will to enhance a sustainable future."

R&D - a core competence

Guided by visions, enfas does research on tomorrow´s technology. The core competence lies in the development of electric and electric-chemical storage system for the fixed and mobile area. By developing storage solutions, enfas focuses on:

  • Enhancing the integration of renewable energies in the private and public sector
  • Enabling resources-efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective storage solutions
  • Helping to shade tomorrow´s mobility

Holistic competences. As enfas GmbH wants to offer a maximum of flexibility, all development approaches focus on holistic solutions. Thus, enfas is able to concentrate on its future in a volatile environment. enfas, thereby, creates components and products ranging from cellular chemistry to software and hardware solutions for battery and condensator management systems.

Focus of research. enfas develops new types of solid state storage systems for which the company in return enhances manufacturing methods and production plants.

Focus of Development. enfas uses results from its researches to develop future-orientated and sustainable products.

Marketable. The new storage system enstorage is an example of a product of the above-mentioned holistic and flexible developed integral system. The own developed system is composed of modularised cellular packages, battery management system (BMS), energy management system via BMS (EMS) as well as the mechanical design.

Research and Development Work at enfas stands for:

  • Future-orientated technologies
  • Pioneering work
  • Reliability
  • Matching a wide range of technologies