Management Board

"Our vision in simple: In a few years´ time, innovative, state-of-the-art energy storages shall be engraved as a firm term into the minds of industrial and private clients. enstorage is our answer and first major step towards this direction. Our employees work on pioneering solutions for storing energy day by day."

The Management Board of enfas GmbH

Thomas Plaschko, Managing Director

As graduate engineer (Dipl.-Ing.), Thomas Plaschko´s heart has always beaten for finding solutions for environmental and energy issues. After graduating his studies in energy and environmental systems technology (Dipl.-Ing.) ,Thomas Plaschko was working at a well-known international company in the energy technology and automotive sector. He continued studying electrical engineering (Master of Science) and further specialised in the area of electrical energy technology. Being European Energy Manager (German Chamber of Industry and Commerce) and with his extensive expertise, Thomas Plaschko counsels private households as well as companies by planning and implementing efficient energy systems.