The German Batteries Act (BattG) includes the following:

Batteries and battery packs are often part of the delivery of devices or other equipment. These batteries or battery packs may also be integrated into the unit. When supplying batteries or battery packs, we, as distributors, are obliged to inform you, as consumers, in accordance to § 18 BattG about the following:

Batteries and battery packs must not be thrown into the domestic waste.

You, as end-users, are obliged under German law to return waste batteries and battery packs according to § 11 BattG, enforced on 01/10/1998. End-users, however, may not differentiate between different battery types or producers.

Batteries and battery packs containing pollutants must be labelled especially.

The labelling contains a crossed-out dustbin and the chemical symbol for heavy metals, which is decisive when it comes to the classification of the heavy metals. Cd stands for Cadmium, Pb for lead, Hg for mercury and Li for Lithium. These heavy metals are harmful to the environment, which is why it must not be polluted with the latter.

We all have to make a contribution to a healthy and sustainable environment. Please dispose your waste batteries as stipulated by German law. Waste batteries may be returned free-of-charge at any municipal waste collecting point or at local electrical shops. By adhering to these stipulations, you ensure a proper disposal of waste batteries. We, too, take back any batteries or battery packs bought at enfas in standard end-user quantities. You have the choice of handing them in personally free-of-charge at our premises in Munich or sending them back by mail with sufficient postage to the following address:

enfas GmbH
Schleißheimer Straße 267
80809 Munich

ATTENTION: Danger of fire!

When sending the used Lithium batteries back, please make sure to isolate the contact surfaces (+ and -) from each other by means of a tape to prevent the batteries from catching fire.

For further information on the German Battery Act, please see Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection.