enfas GmbH focuses on sustainable telephony

Fairphones in use at enfas

[14/03/2019] With its vision "enfas - greenifies tomorrow's world", enfas GmbH is pursuing the goal of driving energy revolution forward in every living room by working closely together with an innovative energy storage device as a lifestyle product. However, sustainability is a top priority in everyday life at enfas: environmentally conscious actions are just as important for the team. enfas GmbH is now successively converting its broken mobile phones to new sustainable smartphones, the Fairphone 2.

The Fairphone 2 is produced as far as possible with ethically justifiably mined raw materials. In addition, it is very robust and has high modularity, which makes it easy to repair and expand. The aim of this construction method is to reduce electronic scrap. For these reasons, the Fairphone 2 as a sustainable, durable and environmentally friendly smartphone is the ideal mobile phone for the employees of enfas GmbH.