Development partner enspring wins transfer prize 2019

Presentation of the Transfer Price 2019 by head mayor Dr. Bernd Wiegand and rector Prof. Dr. Christian Tietje

[21/06/2019] The enspring GmbH won the Transfer Prize 2019 in the category "Successful Regional Transfer Cooperation" for its scientific cooperation with the Interdisciplinary Centre for Materials Sciences of the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU).

The cooperation project "INZELL - Intelligent Solid Cells" is dedicated to the research and development of smart solid-state accumulators made of composite materials that can store significantly more usable energy than previous lithium-ion accumulators and are also inherently safe. The project is also developing a new sensor system for the battery management system that can be used to look inside the accumulator from the outside. The aim is to develop a safe and flexible system for energy storage. The accumulators could be important for the automotive industry in the future. The core competence of enspring GmbH is the synthesis and development of solid energy storage devices and new materials for prototypes including 3D printing. MLU contributes its expertise in the field of materials analytics to the project.

The prize was donated by the City of Halle and awarded to Robert Schlegel (enspring GmbH) and PD Dr. Hartmut Leipner (MLU) on May 28, 2019 as part of the 5th Halle Innovation Day "transHAL 2019".