Aerospace & Defense

"Products for the aerospace & defense sector are subject to the highest quality requirements. These range from the development process and the choice of materials and units to specific requirements to the system structure. enfas is able to meet  these prerequisites."

Aerospace & Defense: Safe Harbour

We know the requirements of the clients in this sector and, amongst other things, develop customised products for the aerospace & defense sector. For instance, our energy storage systems for applications are designed to work even under the most extreme environmental conditions.

Expert Know-how. What really counts in this sector is absolute safety. With our special know-how we meet your safety requirements when it comes to products and information on all aspects.

System Expertise. All systems developed by enfas GmbH are designed to be multiple redundant and, thus, they guarantee a maximum of system availability. Comprehensive system structures and a wide range of adequate units additionally ensure a maximum of system safety.

Hardware and Software Development. enfas GmbH only develops hardware and software for products in accordance to the highest standards, e.g. MIL and DO standards among other things. The exclusive implementation of the hardware with certified components guarantees the adherance of the highest standards. enfas GmbH develops system architectures fulfilling the highest maximum system availability and system safety in the interaction of hardware and software.

Mechical Design. By its specialised mechanical design, products of enfas GmbH weather even the most adverse mechanical conditions. They are perfectly suitable for the application in extreme surroundings.

Aerospace & Defense at enfas stands for:

  • Know-how in the sector and product expertise
  • Ensured energy supply in critical infrastructure
  • Highest level of reliability
  • Maximum safety