"We rely on broad experience in cooperating with suppliers and OEMs. We, therefore, know your development processes and requirements to a high-quality, tailor-made and individual product development."

enfas develops innovative solutions for automotive applications

Electric engines are the future for the automotive sector. Regardless of the primary energy, the secondary energy in the form of electric energy will be decisive for the engines of future vehicle generations. Besides the drive train, a growing number of extra components are considerably increasing the energy demand of vehicle systems in the future. enfas develops pioneering and sustainable solutions to meet the requirements of secondary energy for automotive applications.

Automotive at enfas stands for:

  • A powerful and safe electrical energy network
  • Future-orientated supply of low-voltage and high-voltage electrical energy network
  • Development of control units for electric vehicles
  • High-quality development and manufacturing
  • High efficiency thanks to innovative ideas

Automotive storage systems: enfas makes electromobility mobile

As part of the electrical energy network in a vehicle, enfas´ developments provide for a safe and secure energy supply. Capacitive and battery storage systems for 12 voltage and 48 voltage energy networks are the main products. By its considerable system knowledge in software and hardware engineering and its resulting products, enfas is able to stabilise highly dynamic  energy networks. Energy storages, too, are developed for the future generations of electric vehicles in the field of high voltage elecrical energy networks.

Main principle of an electrical energy network. enfas develops 12 voltage and 48 voltage storage systems for a safe supply of control units in vehicles. Hence, it individually dimensions its energy storages according to the requirements of the installation space and performance requirements of the electrical energy network. The BMS of enfas, thereby, manages and controls a safe operation of capacitive cells as well as of battery cells enabling the enfas energy storage a considerably high lifespan in the vehicle.

Certified. enfas develops automotive-compliant solutions in strict accordance with the ISO standard 26262. FUNCTIONAL SAFETY is thereby of major importance at enfas. It is a vital part and is simultaneously a core compentence of enfas together with the safety-related development of electrical energy networks.