Electrical Engineering

"As experts in energy consulting services we can rely on a vast experience in the product development, we know the requirements to a state-of-the-art and innovative energy storage system. Modern energy storage systems are inevitably required to be modularised to meet the clients´ requirements of today, such as a maximum of flexibility and low acquisition and follow-up costs."

Customised Energy Technology at enfas

enfas offers its clients standarised and individual energy storage solutions. The enfas team independently develops and produces at different locations in Germany and the EU. We, thus, realise all elements to a product of a storage medium from hardware and software development to the final product. Every development process has its main focus on the clients´ requirements, which enfas GmbH realises at the highest quality level.

Energy Technology at enfas stands for:

  • Holistic technological know-how
  • Efficiency thanks to innovation
  • Compatability with standard systems
  • Efficiency and flexibility by modularisation
  • Customised development

enstorage: the Energy Storage which grows along its Duties

enstorage, a state-of-the-art storage system, developed by enfas GmbH, opens its users ever new oppurtunities in the field of fixed and mobile applications. It combines these two application areas into one single system. The enstorage is the result of an intensive research and development process. It, thus, meets all current clients´ requirements.

A high level of flexibility and adaptable interfaces enable the enstorage to be integrated into almost every existing system. Among these are, for instance, already installed photovoltaics with/without existing storage facilities or standard smart home systems. The variety of modules allows the enstorage system to be combined according to every individual requirement and therefore ensures an individual, customised configuration of the entire system. Modular upgrading enables the client to individually adapt his enstorage system according to his user and private consumption behaviour even after the purchase.

Additionally enstorage offers - compared to a lot of other standard storage systems - access to other imporant features. enstorage is the ideal energy storage system for private households, which:

  • Need non-interruptable, safe energy supply (USV)
  • Want to generate energy for the public power grid
  • Want to store energy for their own independent power supply (isolated supply)
  • Look for cost-efficient, modularised storage solutions
  • Expect a system to be almost unlimitedly scalable 
  • Focus on a functional and attractive design

enstorage - the holistic system. With enstorage, enfas has developed a holistic product whose heart is an high-efficient and smart energy management system (EMS). It controls the battery management system (BMS), which had been especially developed for this purpose. BMS guarantees operational safety in every condition at any time according to an efficient storage system. In additon, by applying several algorithms, the BMS assesses the energy flow and optimises the efficiency of the system subject to the individual user behaviour. The system provides the user with the analysed data.

Perfect compatibility. During the development process, enfas put a special emphasis on product compatibility. enstorage modules can be integrated into every standard system for regenerative energy production with/without smart home connection without any major installation workload*.

Modularisation means Saving. Various single modules in the enstorage of enfas take care to adapt themselves to the specific needs of the consumers which may change from time to time.  Thanks to the modularised capacity expansion, the client may align his amount of energy stored according to his behaviour without having to buy a new, expensive energy storage system. Our modules can be characterised as follows:

  • enmaster modules: energy storage system with a converter and EMS
  • enslave modules: storage module for capacity expansion
  • enconverter modules: three-phase converter for household connections
  • enrecovery modules: converter for feed-in into the power grid
  • enmobile modules: for applications as mobile power banks

Plug & Play. The installation is possible without consulting any technician*. Electricians are not required, saving time and reducing costs.

Communication via App. The energy management system in enmaster modules is always connected to the app and provides the user with mobile services. The user may follow specific parameters and processes of the energy supply via app and is always up to date when it comes to the current system status.

Sector-specific configuration. The different areas of application and tasks of the energy supply require different product characteristics. enfas configures the enstorage energy storage system sector-specifically and may adapt individual parameters according to the clients´ requirements.


*except for enconverter and enrecovery modules