Hardware Development

"Hardware development at enfas stands for an innovative implemention of clients´ requirements in hardware platforms for a wide range of systems."

Hardware Development - the Reliable Basis for Software

enfas GmbH is specialised in designing its orders in the field of individual hardware attuned to its clients´ specific requirements. Hardware made by enfas is a reliable basis for every system thanks to its perfectly designed circuit, its coherent implemention in printed circuit board layout and its compatible components. Along its own order development, enfas GmbH supports its clients with its know-how in development projects and thus, contributes to a successful completion of the projects.

Circuit Design. Due to its professionally designed circuit layout, enfas realises the interaction of actuator engineering, sensor technology and microcontrollers in a high-quality manner. Moreover, the circuit layout is based on the clients´ requirements. enfas, thereby, individually focuses on areas such as redundancy, installation space, loss in power or efficiency. This applies to circuits in high voltage areas in combination with galvanic separation elements as well as in circuits with very high currents reaching several hundred amperes.

Printed Circuit Board Layout. Depending on the application, the hardware development made by enfas is designed in a way which allows the printed ciruit board to be realised efficiently at the PCB specifically according to the clients´ specifications. enfas, thereby, focuses particularly on the installation space, EMC and manufacturing costs or even optimised heat supply to prevent hotspots. Additionally, enfas designs customised layouts for high current, high voltage and flexible multi-layer PCBs.

Choice of components. enfas realises a series of circuit designs by specifically choosing high-quality components, enabling enfas to develop stable and realiable  circuits.

Small-scale production. enfas is able to produce development orders also on smaller scale as it combines component parts and the PCB in its own production facilities.

Safety through Hardware. enfas perfectly matches hardware development of complex systems with safety-relevant development. Alongside the FTA and FMEA implemention, it is enfas´ core competence to accompany the entire development process and subsequent creation of a functional and technical safety concept. Our quality management is certified in accordance with the standard ISO 9001 as well as our comprehensive expertise regarding functional safety in compliance with ISO 26262 ensure to make your system safe.

Hardware designed by enfas stands for:

  • Innovative and perfect PCB design
  • Adherence to schedules and personal consultation