Project Management

"Based on its broad background knowledge, project managers at enfas are equipped with extensive interface competence. All managers work on the projects together in a very efficient way."

Project Management: Where the expert workflow runs smoothly

enfas project managers are characterised by expert know-how combined with a great command of soft skills. They are experts in their fields and know the processes and procedures in the automotive, energy, aeropace and defense sector. At the same time, the enfas team has all the makings of leadership skills and, thus, carries out projects efficiently and successfully. On request, they coordinate your projects successfully crossing borders and cultures.

Adherance to Deadlines and Reliability. enfas supports you reliantly and realistically with the project design and implementation. enfas, thereby, plans the individual phases during the entire project duration and supervises the progress of your projects.

Project Know-how. enfas´ project managers dispose of detailed expertise in the different development processes in each sector. They help to establish standarised development processes and support you with developing your customer-specific processes. Based on objective criterion, our project managers assess the project progress and take the necessary decisions to lead the project to sucess.

Technical Know-how. For managing your projects sucessfully, we recommend to make use of our project managers´ comprehensive expert know-how they have gained in many years of development work. Our project managers are able to become acquainted very quickly with any technical issue for guaranteeing a reasonable project design from a technical perspective. This necessary skill simultaneously allows them to assess the project progress. 

Safety through Processes. enfas supports you with safety-relevant development projects. Our quality management certified according to the standard ISO 9001 as well as the extensive know-how of our project managers in terms of functional safety according to ISO 26262 help you to structure your projects on a strict order for carrying them out successfully. We gladly offer our broad expertise regarding safety issue among other things for a succesful completion of your projects.

Soft Skills. Project managers at enfas coordinate the project staff working in different hierarchies sucessfully and implement project goals effectively within the time frame. They guarantee to work efficiently in a cooperative atmosphere.

International Experience. International experience is the key to a successful project implementation. The project managers at enfas build bridges between country- and cultural-specific characteristics and help, thus, to implement projects successfully at international level.

Project Management at enfas stands for:

  • Adherance to deadlines and reliability
  • Sector-specific process know-how
  • International project experience