Software Development

"With their professional know-how, our software designers´ and developers´ support ranges from hardware-related software development to the development of application software. They create the conditions for implementing a multitud of system features." 

Software Design: structured, modularised, smart

Development support for software solutions made by enfas help you to realiably implement a maximum of system functionality amongst other things. This helps to reduce your hardware costs and saves development costs for the entire system. We rely on tried-and-tested development processes and apply the waterfall or v model according to our clients´ prerequisites.

Basic Software. Within the course of order developments or development assistance, enfas provides a modularised basis for application to work almost independent from hardware. This allows you a maximum of flexibility thanks to its modularity and compatibility. The implementation by the developers and designers at enfas GmbH is being made in different programming languages in accordance with our clients´ specifications, e.g. C or C++.

Application Software. enfas develops complex alogrithms for various applications, simulates the latter and puts smart application software into practise. enfas, however, is not only able to improve the efficiency of algorithms, but also creates a flexible and modularised system made of various software components. enfas realises its projects according to its clients´ requirements in different programming languages with different tools and according to different processes. The development, however, is compatible with all standards valid in each sector.

Software Guarantees Safe Functionality. enfas is able to support you with "safe software" thanks to its quality management certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and its comprehensive expertise and know-how when it comes to functional safety.

Software Development made by enfas stands for:

  • Smart solutions and efficiency
  • Flexibility by modularity
  • Adherence to schedules and personal consultation
  • Safety through ISO-compliant development